Know the 7 reasons ERP projects fail in Dubai and how to avoid them

Know the 7 reasons ERP projects fail in Dubai and how to avoid the pitfalls

Dubai is an advanced city where there is great competition between businesses. Certainly, if ERP software in Dubai doesn’t pay off, the company will fail big. Or worse, the business will be destroyed if the system is operational but not fully functioning and producing results. Many reasons cause the failure of an ERP servicing in Dubai, all of which fall under the category of mismanagement.

Increasing the budget or scope may not save your ERP system implementation project from failure, but sometimes it is the solution to your rescue. Sometimes the budget and schedule increase because your internal stakeholders agree to changes in scope that align with your project goals. It is not a failure but a strategic decision to get more results.

Now is not the time to be afraid

The comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a system that brings many benefits to organizations, including increasing productivity, improving quality management, and reducing costs through business process integration. However, ERP software implementation is a costly and complicated process, resulting in many ERP software implementation projects failing.

I give you the right to be afraid, but the good news is that implementing ERP software in Dubai is not destined to fail. Many are successful. If you know the failure story of others, learn from them, and take the right steps to prepare, you will succeed. Robotic ERP Company’s long-term experience in providing ERP servicing in Dubai will help you learn about the seven main mistakes that lead to the failure of an ERP project.

The 7 Reasons ERP Software in Dubai Fail

These seven reasons will prevent you from having ERP software in Dubai that works successfully and makes your business progress. Before you call your support and start swearing at them, read this article to the end:

Executive managers are not sure about their purchase

To use ERP servicing in Dubai, all managers must be ready, including the CEO, financial manager, and IT manager. If any of these managers are not prepared, the recipe for ERP implementation will be disastrous.

In addition, ERP projects need implementation support. This support includes financial and informational support that can only be done by an active and expert executive team to provide money, resources, and communication. If you have an active support team to implement the ERP software in Dubai, your project will succeed before it starts.

Even though there is always a possibility of failure in the implementation of all projects, the greatest risk of failure in these projects threatens you when there is no coordination between the executives and each of them performs their activities regardless of the project’s goal.

The project team is not selected from talented people

The success or failure of ERP software implementation largely depends on the effort and talent of the people involved in the project. The people working in the implementation team should be able to manage and carry out the tactical responsibilities of the ERP software in Dubai.

If you use inexperienced people in your team, it is likely that there will be delays and obstacles in your productivity lines that will prevent the project from failing. Also, choosing a large team with a high number increases the chances of hiring the wrong people in the project. It is better to choose your team members selectively, in small numbers, and among highly skilled people.

A successful implementation of ERP software in Dubai can will improve your business.

Automating inefficiencies

Automating inefficiencies comes into play when you cannot improve your processes before choosing an ERP system. But how can you determine if your focus on process improvement has been enough? Suppose you receive fewer benefits than expected from implementing ERP software in Dubai. In that case, it is better to focus your attention and focus more on the implementation of the project.

Receiving a result lower than expected is a sign of recognizing the lack of attention to the project. In this case, many automate processes to make them more efficient. But doing this only sometimes gives you the desired result; ERP software in Dubai cannot have a magical function to improve complex processes.

All inefficient processes should be corrected before choosing ERP servicing in Dubai so that you can choose your sales process. For example, if you have not identified the efficiencies before choosing this system, you cannot measure the seller’s power according to your organization’s logical methods.

Many blame vendors for ERP project failure. However, you need more than an ERP solution to meet your business requirements. Rather, to succeed in this project, you must gather ERP requirements and improve the process sufficiently.

You treat the ERP software in Dubai like an IT project

ERP projects should focus on process rather than technical aspects; because ERP is a business project with fewer similarities to IT ones. If you focus too much on the technical aspects of it, you will benefit from measurable business benefits.

For example, imagine that your computer system can work within the specified time, according to the specified budget, but you replace it with a new system. It is not an advantage for the business, and you have not done anything positive.

If you want your ERP software in Dubai to grow and succeed, you must take advantage of the real business benefits. For example, you can reduce customer waiting times by a few minutes instead of changing systems, which is a no-profit task. This advantage helps the organization to achieve broad organizational goals, such as improving the customer experience.

If you want to achieve goals related to your business processes, focusing more on business processes and human capital is better. For this purpose, you must have employees who contribute to increasing the value of the business with their activities.

Considering this issue, if your employees are not able to apply new ERP software processes and solutions, you will receive fewer benefits because change management is one of the most important points you should pay attention to achieve more success. Most of the companies that experience major ERP failures are those that do not have effective change management plans in place.

Your expected time and cost are unrealistic

You can only sometimes estimate all the costs of providing ERP software in Dubai. Estimating all these costs is difficult because many companies need to consider cost-effective activities. Usually, due to unrealistic expectations, additional and unexpected costs will arise for you, which can lead to the collapse of your expectations of the company’s profitability.

The costs incurred by companies in 2020 show that they paid an average of 66% more than the estimated cost and spent up to 33% more time than expected to complete projects this year.

Although the vendors are always trying to estimate the exact costs of technical implementation by integrating the systems, some of the costs that lead to success, such as the cost of training, customization, and targeted communication, cannot be easily measured and evaluated by salespeople. It is better to check and evaluate the accuracy of the seller’s estimate before signing to make the work process more accurate.

You don’t test enough

When companies need to catch up in implementing ERP software in Dubai, where time is a priority (usually due to the mistakes mentioned above), they become so focused on implementation that they try to cut back on testing to make up for the time.

Implementing a system to find out it doesn’t work as expected is frustrating and can be problematic for your team. Remember that you’re not just replicating your old processes in a new system. Your problem may have specific scenarios, but there are also many new or changed processes that you should use. Now it’s time to check that everything is working properly and thoroughly. It means doing every process – from start to finish – using real data and validating the result. You might think you need a lot of time for this troubleshooting, but it’s worth it.

You don’t get enough training

Operational disruption is common, and, to some extent, expected – 56% of ERP servicing in Dubai results in disruptions. Often these failures are due to inadequate training when companies experience large-scale business disruptions.

The good news is that you have the power to control it. Here again, companies try to wrap up the training to save time near the end of the project. Not only does this lead to day-to-day operational problems during implementation, but it also leaves your people feeling frustrated. For example, Robotic ERP provides a suitable training program at the beginning of the project. You know your people best – if you feel you would benefit from additional one-on-one training with us, find a way to build it into the budget and contact us quickly. Your people need to know how to use it to get value.

Robotic ERP can prevent you from ERP servicing failure in Dubai

Avoid the Pitfalls to see the desired result from your ERP software in Dubai

Well, good job. Now you know the mistakes and can avoid them with little planning. Proper planning lets you get the best results from ERP software in Dubai. But, by paying attention to them, you will not fall into the trap of the mistakes I said. The following three strategies will help you be satisfied with implementing the ERP servicing in Dubai in your organization and get the desired result. Know these strategies now!

  1. Organizational strategies

Organizational strategies used to improve the successful implementation of ERP include establishing and improving change strategy, delivery management techniques, project management, structure and resources, management ideology, and style.

  1. Technical strategies

Technical strategies considered for successful ERP software deployment include technical aspects of ERP installation, ERP complexity, and ERP implementation time and cost.

  1. Human strategies

Examples related to human strategies are attitudes and views of managers and employees, training participation, and transformation management strategies for ERP implementation.

Choosing the right strategies is the most basic way to win or fail transformation programs. Transformation strategies mean techniques and patterns that actually bring about the desired change and transformation in the determined fields and scope. In simpler terms, these are the solutions and methods by which you implement the desired change and transformation.

Conclusion: Implementation requires expertise!

Sometimes it happens that ERP projects fail, and all the efforts made will go to waste. Despite your high expectations, such an event is always in mind and is possible. Failure in ERP projects may be associated with a loss of resources, including financial resources and additional costs, loss of productivity, and loss of hope.

In this case, who do you blame for the failure of the ERP project? Usually, the ERP project consultant or its vendor is blamed for the failure. But in all cases, you cannot blame these people, and the project team may be responsible for the events.

The complexity and challenges of ERP implementation should not be underestimated, as this process requires careful coordination of your systems, processes, and people. But with good planning and a solid process organization, you can remove obstacles and clarify complexities.

The support of a successful ERP manager from the software partner significantly contributes to the smooth implementation of ERP software in Dubai and a proven implementation method. For medium-sized companies without in-house expertise, the experience and competence of an ERP provider, such as Robotic ERP, is a key factor in the selection process. You want an experienced partner who has seen it all before and helps companies successfully navigate every challenge along the way.

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